1km off the N3 highway between the coast and the reef, Riverview Country Inn has a Restaurant & Pub, ample accommodation with views of the Wilge river and surrounding farm lands, set in the beautiful Drakensberg Highlands embraced by the mountain tops.
Fishing, birding, hiking and mountain biking routes can be enjoyed along the country roads, along with many other activities which can be arranged in the area.
Riverview Country Inn is a relaxing getaway or halfway stop that will leave you feeling refreshed for the rest of your journey.
Other on-site amenities are a swimming pool and ample space for children to play.
Pets are welcome on leashes.

Contact Details:

Phone - 058 672 1033
Fax - 058 672 1107
Email address - riverview@ohs.dorea.co.za
Address - Swinburne, Free State
GPS Co-ordinates - 28.21S / 29.16E